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Blaze 619

BLAZE 619 Garlic Verde Hot Sauce

BLAZE 619 Garlic Verde Hot Sauce

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This sauce is a bright and flavorful , jammed packed with Tomatillo, fire roasted chilis, garlic and beautiful citrus notes. Heat level is at a mild and goes well on so many food items. This all-natural hot sauce will be an every day staple in your household.

-Heat Level: mild

-Gluten Free, No sugar added, Low sodium and All Natural - Available in 5oz Ingredients: Tomatillo, White Wine Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Apple Juice, Pinot Grigio Wine, Purified water, Torched Jalapenos, Serrano, Poblano Peppers, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Onion, Sea Salt, Cilantro Leaves, Garlic, Black Garlic, Hatch Chili Flakes & Spices.

Origin: San Diego, California

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