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La Narval

La Narval Small Sardines in Olive Oil

La Narval Small Sardines in Olive Oil

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La Narval Small Sardines in Olive Oil. 10/12 small sardines per tin. Sardinillas en Aceite de Oliva

Size: 4.23oz (120 g).

Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt. Product of Spain Up to 12 sardines per tin in olive oil. Small and full of taste. This is a blue fish with a high quantity of Omega 3 acids. After being cooked in seawater, we dry it a little bit so that when it gets in contact with the sauce, it gets rehydrated again increasing its taste and texture.

Suggested recipe: sardine salad. Slice one tomato. Place the sardines on top of the tomato slice. Dress with the olive oil from the sardines. Garnish with a sprig of parsley. Ingredients: small sardines in olive oil, 1 tomato, and parsley.

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