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J's Small Batch Hot Sauce

J's Small Batch Hot Sauce The 5th Henchman

J's Small Batch Hot Sauce The 5th Henchman

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" The 5th Henchman "   We really turned up the "Man that's good!" in this one. Grilled sweet onion and oven-roasted garlic hold hands with the scorpion and reaper peppers, smacking your taste buds into submission. Then you're welcomed by the mango and amazing vinegar blend, which complements the spice and coffee. A true flavor bomb with real heat that holds on as long as the taste.  A must-have for any chili head.  

Spice level 8 of 10.  (Xtra, Xtra, Hot)  

****Please use with caution.***  Wash any skin contact with cold water and soap.  Keep away from pets and small children.  We do not recommend this product for non-chiliheads.  Please do not give this to any persons not knowing the amount of heat in this product.   J's is not responsible for any result of consuming this hot sauce, seriously.

Origin: San Diego, California

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